A letter to Mr. Someone

Posted: March 14, 2012 in World of Football

Dear Mr. Someone

I have decided to write this letter because I’m an imaginative young bloke, aspiring to find a little hole in order to penetrate in the vast yet very restrict Football’s World and you are the gentleman who can grant this young fellow his lifelong dream. The thing is I’m no neighbor of a renowned manager (Sir, rest in peace) and I’m no son of a former footballer, nevertheless, YES, I’m Portuguese too.

Will you the almighty Mr. Someone, the ultimate opinion maker, give me the chance to make your Organization better? An opportunity, it’s all I ask. I promise to delight you with my brightness, and then… who knows… conquer the world underneath your wing. They call me a dreamer. I like to believe I’m simply an idealist. I set my goals and battle the way to create the means which may take me right there.

The truth is I was blessed with a mind teeming ideas, but this great gift came with a drip of poison, I have no resources to implement them and audience… neither. In this new era of fear and contention I’m a 25 year old with a boy’s face, who still gets nervous talking to gentlemen in suits, who sends SPAM to people (CV’s, letters like this, etc.)  always getting the same answers: No; No answer; Not for this department; No Answer; No, is the ******* crisis.

Allow me to expose my opinion about your magnificent self, and it’s a very honest one, I think you’re not a normal guy (you’re one abnormal shall understand) and I say this with a strange sense of respect, admiration and even a tinge of envy. I’m sure you are a man with a special, wide vision so I hope there is something you identify with in this small story I’ll tell:

“A boy reached a point in that journey commonly called life where the big road divides into several tracks, and he wants to follow for all, the big problem is that EVERY SINGLE ONE ends a few feet ahead in a giant cliff, and he falls… (in a big fluffy mattress colored in pink). So he gets up and crawls his way back to the beginning of the tracks, praying to when reaches the cliff again there exists one of those weak tiny bridges, potholed and unstable, like seen in Indiana Jones movies, so he can follow without fear, takes what is takes, until he steps solid ground again.” Will you provide one for him? He would be so very thankful.

This pretty lame allegory to the beginning of my career brought a tear to the corner of my eye… I’m lying.

Whatever, I read somewhere that you are restructuring your sports project, including a brand new team of proclaimed experts, reputed analysts, monsters of communication. True references. Then I explored about the subject and found out the core of it is all about bringing the brightest young prospects around the world. At this point I almost had a slight erection.

As mentioned, my crazy lifelong passion is FOOTBALL. I breathe football, like to see, to examine, to study, to investigate, to analyze, to discuss, to scrutinize, to decompose, but above of all I love to FEEL it.

This sport triggers the most intense and versatile carousel of emotions I have ever experienced in a short period of time. That anxiety before the beginning, then comes that energy, the joy, the anger, the rage and the sadness. Then comes the surprise, the wonder, the madness, the ecstasy… Wow… Sometimes I am sorry for my neighbors. Hmm… Nah.

As somebody said, football is a communal celebration of humanity. Wealthy people, poor people, the beautiful, the tall and the fat people, politicians, homeless and ugly people, shout and chant, suffer and vibrate at the same time as fellow human beings, whether in stadiums, in pubs, or in al-Qaeda caves.

I like to picture myself as a flexible human being, figuratively of course, my vision blends passion and objectivity, humor and romanticism, so I summarize the whole thing in these points:

1. We love the beautiful combination of the tiniest technical, physical, mental details of the athletes with the huge macro-tactical team plans, engaged and constantly interacting in a green rectangle.

2. The decision > action > reaction cycle, created by the interaction between 22 players, 4 judges, 2 technical teams and thousands of supporters, conceives, in my humble opinion, the richest environment in the world of sports. This is the kind of richness that accelerates my big heart.

3.There is NOTHING better than a beer and a good match. Nothing. Neither sex. Lasts less.

Anyway, for me it would be phenomenal if an opportunity to work in something related to football arises. I have a degree in sports and the only reason I chose this route was the ambition to reach the football’s world one day, your world. As we share this same huge passion and you are a wealthy man who likes to share your money with fascinating individuals, for sure you’ll give me a try. It’s hard times we’re (not you) living.

I continue studying, living alone supported by parents, sad but common situation in our reality, what is just sadder. Not too depressed about it, I’m a citizen of the world. The prime minister of our sunny Nation advised 35% of our young minds to immigrate. Because of the markets’ saturation there are no jobs within boundaries. If you make the right offer for the right function, I’ll take the noble’s gentleman advice without thinking twice.

Here are some things you may want to know about me: I value the honesty and the humility. I’m creative, autodidact and a team worker. I love writing, in English I’m not very good at it but I can improve quickly. I know about football and I’m OK at promoting and selling stuff. It’s not hard, target the product, create affinity, highlight the strengths and hide the weaknesses. Just did it with myself.

In 30 years I see myself supporting my kids… and my parents, so with some luck, I may still get something of inheritance. If you fail me in this I’ll have to go kiss the ugly ass of that rude French guy. Well… Forget about the money, for you I’ll work for free.

Without further subject, I send my best regards,

The Other One

P.s I’m sorry for my limited vocabulary in English. Sorry for misspell and malformed expressions. In Portuguese it would sound much better but unfortunately you wouldn’t understand a word.

P.s2 I’m really sorry for my huge ego, I’m fully aware that you are infinitely more awesome than me.

P.s3 It’s utopia to believe that a busy man like you Mr. Someone or even somebody else will read these 1000+ disorganized words but at least I’ll feel carried out for a few hours.


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