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A real living legend! A visionary known by guiding his late 80’s, early 90’s Milan to Continental glory, revolutionizing Italian football fundamentals in the way. His counterculture offensive-minded full pressing football style nailed a profound mark in Italian Calcio, historically characterized by the famous catenaccio, as well as in Old Continent’s football, being the last coach to conquer back-to-back Champions League (European Champion Clubs’ Cup at that time).

When he arrived to Milan, the ever-demanding Italian press questioned his competence to occupy such a¬†difficult role, since he hadn’t played football at professional level and was a shoe salesman before becoming a coach. Facing this hostility, he stated:

In order to become a jockey you doesn’t have to have been born a horse first.

The Milan of Sacchi is now remembered as one of the best teams in football history. However, his career would be marked by the inability to conquer titles anywhere else. He led clubs such as Parma and Atletico Madrid as well as the Italian National team. Nevertheless some of his words will be perpetuated in the hearts of those who became disciples of his philosophy. Here are some examples:

I was fortunate to have the Dutch in attack and the Italians in the back.

Football is the most important thing, amongst the least important in life.

The victory may stay in the books, but the way you achieve it will remain in people’s mind.

If a coach doesn’t have the courage to do what he believes, ends up losing before playing.

Ronaldo was the best I’ve ever seen, but he wasn’t passionate enough about football.

We couldn’t even score against a team of journalists.