The world is now praying for him.

This can be another dark day in football history but the medical intervention was fast, and there are rumors telling the player was resuscitated in the hospital and is now breathing. We hope this to be the truth.

Update: The rumors were confirmed and the clinical situation is considered ‘stable’. Let us hope that there will be no permanent wounds.

Mourinho and Cech are partially responsible for the survival of the player.

In 2007 Cech suffered a major injury during a match fracturing his skull and there were no means in the stadium to transport the player to the hospital. After that match an angry Mourinho proferred this words:

“My goalkeeper was in the dressing room for 30 minutes waiting for an ambulance. This is something English football has to think about. This is much more important than football.”

Later in that same year the competition introduced new measures in the medical rules, including a requirement to have an ambulance in every game.


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